Employee Performance and Development Non-Competitive Promotion Process

Welcome to the Center-wide final Non-Competitive Promotion Process (NCPP) information and document web page. The Center is excited to implement the NCPP for all civil service employees. This was achieved by working in partnership with our unions to find a common solution. The NCPP documents provided below are a version with no appendices label or specific labor union affiliation. GESTA and/or AFGE Bargaining Unit Employees (BUEs) may refer to their respective Union's NCPP Web Page for their negotiated NCPP documents which include appendices and their specific labor union affiliation. For GESTA click on this link http://ohcm.gsfc.nasa.gov/NCPP/NCPP-GESTA.html and for AFGE click on this link http://ohcm.gsfc.nasa.gov/NCPP/NCPP-AFGE.html . To view the negotiated NCPP MoA for GESTA click on this link http://ohcm.gsfc.nasa.gov/Labor_Relations/GESTA/gestacontents.htm and for AFGE click on this link http://ohcm.gsfc.nasa.gov/Labor_Relations/AFGE/afgecontents.htm .

Factsheet [MS Word 307kb]

NCPP Process [MS Word 86kb]

Position Review Request [MS Word 114kb]

Non-Competitive Promotion Process (NCPP) Request System [Firefox is the recommended browser for full functionality.]

Non-Competitive Promotion Process Q&A's [MS Word 93kb]

GS Comparison/Examples [MS Word 93kb]

Reconsideration Process [MS Word 93kb]

Internal Classification Appeals Process [MS Word 93kb]

Classification Appeals Process [MS Word 93kb]

NCPP Flowchart [MS PowerPoint 97kb]

Glossary of Terms [MS Word 39kb]

5 USC Grade Descriptions [MS Word 36kb]

Grade Level Summaries [MS Word 1.1M]

The grade level of any federal position is based on the actual work assigned, as described in the position description, and as evaluated relative to position classification standards published by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).   In carrying out its responsibility under law for developing and issuing classification standards, OPM conducts studies and writes new standards/revises existing standards to respond to needs and priorities determined by agencies, the identification of new occupations, and/or analysis of existing classification standards:

Selection of the standard used to evaluate a position will be based on the nature of the work of the position and the occupational series assigned.  If you have any questions, contact your servicing HR Specialist, Code 113.

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