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GSFC-AFGE Collective Bargaining Agreement

                   Partnership - Memorandum of Agreement
                   Terms and Definitions
Article 1       Recognition and Unit Descriptions
Article 2       Provisions of Law and Regulation
Article 3       Rights of Employees
Article 4       Rights of Union
Article 5       Rights of Management
Article 6       Basic Workweek and Hours of Duty 
Article 7       Overtime
Article 8       Environmental Differentials
Article 9       Annual Leave
Article 10     Sick Leave
Article 11     Competitive Promotions and Internal Placement
Article 12     Classification of Positions and Job Descriptions
Article 13     Contracting Out of Bargaining Unit Work
Article 14     Discipline
Article 15     Adverse Actions
Article 16     Negotiated Grievance Procedure
Article 17     Arbitration
Article 18     Labor-Management Committee
Article 19     Unfair Labor Practice Procedures
Article 20     Performance Appraisal
Article 21     Hazardous Weather Conditions
Article 22     Employee Assistance
Article 23     Training and Employee Utilization
Article 24     Parking and Lighting in Work Areas
Article 25     Civic Responsibilities
Article 26     Temporary Duty Travel
Article 27     Reduction-in-Force
Article 28     Equal Employment Opportunity
Article 29     Incentive Awards
Article 30     Use of Personal Tools
Article 31     Facilities and Bulletin Boards
Article 32     Safety and Health
Article 33     Personnel Research Programs and
                  Demonstration Projects
Article 34     Payroll Allotment for Withholding Dues
Article 35     General Provisions
Article 36     Publicizing the Agreement
Article 37     Duration, Changes, and Effective Date
MOU           Traffic Management (PDF, 66K)
MOU           Lab Management (PDF, 63K)
MOA           Non-Competitive Promotion Process
(PDF, 336K)
MOU           Non-Competitive Promotion Process - Document Posting
(PDF, 70K)
MOU           Employee Performance Communication System (PDF, 64K)
MOU           Work Schedule, Article 6 Supplement (PDF, 87K)
MOA           Fire Protection
(PDF, 643K)
MOU           Mandatory PIV Card Use (PDF, 626K)

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Last Modified 09/08/2014